Guide 101: Mesotherapy hair treatment

What is mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy is a French medical technique that consists of injecting small doses of medication under the dermis, directly targeting the area to be treated. This technique was originally used to treat localized pain but it can be used to treat alopecia.  

The injection of a mixture of drugs with a very fine needle aims to stimulate the vitality of the scalp and to slow down hair loss. 

What is the nature of the product used in mesotherapy?  


Hair mesotherapy uses superficial dermal injections of vitamin serums, applied to the entire scalp. These are protective agents such as amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, anti-oxidants, enzymes and nucleic acids. The serum used acts positively on hair growth by providing the nutrients necessary for the proliferation of papillary cells while stimulating the mesoderm. Today, we know that mesotherapy for alopecia is more effective than tablets for hair rejuvenation and restoration. 


Who is mesotherapy for?  

Mesotherapy can treat alopecia up to stage IV in men and stage II in women. It is also suitable for hair loss due to pregnancy and childbirth.   


How does the mesotherapy session take place?  


An initial medical consultation is necessary before the mesotherapy, during which the doctor will verify that the treatment is suitable for you. 

During a mesotherapy session, the specialist performs several superficial injections of vitamin serums directly on or around the sites to be treated. The injections are made with a fine needle 4 to 13 mm long. The physician may use manual injections or an electronic injection gun. The number of injections required will vary from one individual to another and can sometimes reach several hundred.  

Depending on the stage of the alopecia and the nature of the scalp and skin, an average of 4 to 8 treatment sessions are required, at a rate of one session per week to obtain satisfactory results. One maintenance session per month will be necessary thereafter, depending on the results observed. 


What precautions should be taken before and after treatment?  


– Before treatment:  

– Limit the use of aspirin or any medication that can thin the blood. 

– Wash your hair the day before or the morning of the treatment.  

– After treatment: Avoid shampooing, swimming, sauna and swimming for at least 48 hours.  


What are the results of hair mesotherapy?  


The first results can appear as early as the first few weeks, but 2 to 3 months are generally necessary to observe concrete results of significant hair growth. However, the speed at which results appear varies from patient to patient.  

You will notice a slowing of hair loss, a healthier scalp, a reduction in itching and a significant improvement in hair quality.  


Are there any contraindications to mesotherapy?  


In general, the tolerance of this treatment is excellent and there are practically no contraindications to this treatment, but in rare cases, this treatment may not be suitable for people who have  

– infectious lesions of the scalp;  

– shingles;  

– allergies to one of the injected products.  


Does mesotherapy have any side effects?  


Although this treatment is painless, some rare side effects may occur skin rash, local pain, local hematoma, local redness, allergies. It is important to have this treatment performed by a qualified and competent dermatologist.