Hair loss is a frequent phenomenon that affects both men and women and its impact on the person can range from simple resignation and acceptance of this situation, often progressive, to categorical refusal, even anguish.

The popular belief that only older men suffer from it and that women are hardly exposed to it is completely false: women, too, can lose hair. Hair loss has a great emotional impact on people who suffer from it.

The number of hair strands of an adult person, male or female, is between 100,000 and 150,000. We naturally lose around 100 strands per day. And they are replaced by the growth of new hair. In this case, hair loss is a natural and normal phenomenon. However, when hair loss is greater than normal and hair regeneration is slower or stops completely, it is time to consult a good dermatologist, a specialist who can help you see more clearly. .

Our clinic is at the service of all those who are losing their hair or who have hardly any more, or who would like to learn more about alopecia. We offer to our patients the solutions adapted to their various situations while respecting their privacy.

If you are experiencing hair loss, we will do our best to find effective solutions. It is very important to act early. Our dermatologist, Dr Joseph Doumit, will help you make the right choice; he will guide you throughout your treatment and give you the best advice to meet your expectations.

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